Pele Fae

$99.00 USD

  • Image of Pele Fae
  • Image of Pele Fae

A one of a kind wearable art pieces inspired by mother nature and the elements.

UV protectiom red tinted lenses

Black carrying box case
Black carrying soft pouch

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Image of Amethyst Eyechain Holder Necklace
Amethyst Eyechain Holder Necklace
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Bee Lit Sunnies
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Image of Pele Fae II
Pele Fae II
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Melon Sky Fae
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Image of 'Clearly I'm Fly'
'Clearly I'm Fly'
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Image of Butterfly Gaze
Butterfly Gaze
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Image of 'Too Fly for Me' -Blue
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'Too Fly for Me' -Blue
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Image of 'Too Fly for Me' -Yellow
'Too Fly for Me' -Yellow
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Forrest Nouveau Sunnies
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